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Where are all the Traditional Hand Drawn Animated films ? (and why study traditional animation?)

When people make the claim: “There are no traditional animation jobs” or “2D is dead” you should realize that what they mostly mean is that the model of big-budget feature length 2D Animation that flourished for a time in the U.S. film industry from roughly 1985 – 1999 and then finally crashed and burned in […]

CTN Expo – Behind the Scenes with Independent Filmmaker Mike Nguyen

Here is another inspiring video from a presentation given at the CTN Animation Expo . If you haven’t attended CTN Expo before it is highly recommended . CTN is only 3 years old , but has THE place to be for people interested in character animation.  This year’s CTN Expo will be Nov. 18 – […]

>VLSM (Very Large Stop Motion)

>To the list of all the fun and useful things you can do with your cell phone, add animation. Aardman Studios teamed up with Nokia to promote the N8 smart phone. The N8’s on board camera supposedly has a 12 mega pixel sensor. HEY! that’s more than my current DSLR has! And plenty mp to […]

>Kitchen Pest

>I came home today hearing that we have a fly problem in the kitchen– a problem I created. Often in the summer this problem is due to fruit that ripened while we were away at work, which then attracted fruit flies. But our house has another kind of kitchen pest: an artist who leaves work […]

>Events in Animation: John Musker

> Animation Events this week at UC Berkley. For more info, visit: