Monthly Archives: June 2012

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Pixar’s latest film, Brave, was released in the US this past weekend. What makes this leading lady, Merida, special, is not only is she Pixar’s first female protagonist, but of the amount of details with her red fiery hair. A great achievement in this film was the process of creating Merida’s thick, curly hair. […]

Disney Behind the Scenes – Live Reference Models (Rare Footage)

Check out footage of the live models from classic Disney animated films in the video compilation above. Do you think the models look like the characters they are portraying?


Many say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but what happens when your beloved pet meets his maker. Are the days of “fetch” and “roll over”… over? From Disney, Tim Burton’s upcoming 3D animated film, Frankenweenie, shows that a dog can really “play dead.” A remake of his original 1984 short film, Burton […]

Hello Dalí!

Many have heard of Walt Disney, but does the name, Salvador Dalí, ring a bell? He was a famous Spanish surrealist artist. Still not ringing a bell? Perhaps you have seen one of his famous paintings, The Persistence of Memory. Dalí’s works range from paintings, sculptures, and films. In 1929, Dalí collaborated with Spanish director, […]

Massive Black Workshop (August 9-12)

The Academy of Art University is hosting a Massive Black 4-day workshop for artists by artists, August 9th through August 12th, 2012. WorkshopSF will include live demonstrations: digital and traditional, figure painting and drawing, lectures on character, creature, environment and technological design, storytelling for comic books, cover and marketing illustration, information on business practices, portfolio […]


From the makers of Coraline, Focus Features is coming out with a new 3D stop-motion animated film this summer called, ParaNorman. It is a comedic thriller that introduces a young boy named Norman Babcock, who has the ability to communicate with the dead. With his gift, he is often misunderstood by his community and many […]

Maria Romero: Dulce de Reliquias

Alexander McQueen Designer Sarah Burton’s Latest Prodigy Animates Her Graduate Collection The ethereal fabrics and designs of Maria Romero’s graduate fashion collection shimmer on the handmade dolls modeling them in her stop-motion short. Directed by Romero and produced in collaboration with fellow students at the San Francisco Academy of Art University in lieu of a […]