Monthly Archives: August 2012

Haute couture or hot mess?

When one talks about Minnie Mouse, they commonly think of the cute and adorable female mouse with her bow and yellow high heels. When Barneys thinks of Minnie Mouse, she looks like this. Below are images of Barneys New York’s Holiday Campaign for this coming winter season. Barneys collaborated with Disney to transform the memorable […]

‘Postcards & Doodles’ by online storyboard instructor Tim Hodge

There is a delightful new e-book available by AAU online storyboard instructor Tim Hodge (ANM 370.OL Storyboarding 2: Storyboarding for Cartoons) . The book is “Postcards & Doodles” , available on the iTunes App Store:   In addition to teaching ANM 370 Storyboarding 2 online and doing 1-on-1 Storyboarding Directed Studies  for MFA students […]

Anyone Can Cook!

If Julia Child was still around, she would have been 100 years old today (born August 15, 1912). She is famously known for bringing French cuisine to Americans through her books, such as Mastering the Art of French Cooking and her television shows like The French Chef. Today, if one was to go on, […]

Toys Coming to Life

Do you know what film strips and zoetropes have in common? They have slits. I am not referring to the British punk rock band or a woman’s dress. I am talking about the vertical and/or horizontal strip of space between two things, like what you would see on a film strip. There is a reason […]

Ahhh! Boom! Crescendos!

Sometimes a very powerful aspect can be easily over looked or in this case, overheard. After being in Mark Berger‘s “Sound” class back at Cal, he broke sound for films into three major categories: dialogue, music, and sound effects (such as foley). One of our final projects included the students creating a scene only using […]