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WonderCon 2013 (March 29-31)

Guess what is happening this weekend in Anaheim, CA? Yes, ladies and gentleman, WonderCon has come back to Anaheim again this year. Sorry San Francisco, maybe next year. If you are interested in attending or more interested in who will be attending, visit their website here.

An Evening With Terryl Whitlatch and Gil Banducci (4/16/13)

Guest Speaker: Lorelay Bove (4/5/13)

Want to know a little more about Lorelay Bove? Watch her interview below about her work on “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Yearbook Photo Shoot Schedule for Seniors!

Dear Graduating Seniors, It gives us great pleasure to announce the production of our first ever Academy of Art University Yearbook! Your full cooperation and participation will ensure all seniors are represented in the yearbook. The photo shoot schedule (for seniors) with specific times and building locations is as follows: Tuesday, 3/26 9:00am – 12:00pm […]

Nicolas Villarreal’s “Visual Development- Characters Design and Composition” Lecture HERE!

Missed Nicolas Villarreal’s “Visual Development- Characters Design and Composition” Lecture earlier this month? Watch it here! Enjoy!

Academy of Art University Yearbook

Graduating online senior? Be a part of the yearbook! If you are interested, please submit the following information below to by Friday, April 5 @ 5pm. First name Last name ID # Major Address A headshot (from shoulders up, with no cropping of the head, neutral background), a 5×7 jpeg at 300dpi would do […]


Expand your skillset into the world of animation! Walt Disney Animation Studios Summer Internship Program is an eight-week experience designed for students studying art, design, animation, computer graphics, graphics engineering, film & media, and production management. As a Walt Disney Animation Studios intern, you will have the unique opportunity to work directly with a Disney […]

I Love Paris in the Springtime (April 6, 2013)

When Jobs In The Animation Industry Disappear…

From Chris Oatley: “Here’s a new post I wrote to encourage the aspiring artists and industry vets whose worlds have been rocked by the recent tumult at Dreamworks, R&H and DD. Anyone who has worked in the animation industry knows that layoffs and studio closures are just standard occupational hazards. …but times are especially tough […]

Borderlands 2- Storyboard Contest