Monthly Archives: October 2015


Want to learn more about TVPaint and the new puppet features of ToonBoom? Come and meet the trainers at TRA-DIGITAL THURSDAY on November 12! See how TVPaint and ToonBoom can compliment and work together to create “Harmony!”

Special Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” Presentation on November 9!

SPECTRUM Book Signing with Artist Appearances on November 13!

Nov. 2nd: Women in Animation with Brenda Chapman!

Fall Festival Events in November!

Nickelodeon is Coming on November 3/Tuesday!

Help Arnie and Dania Recover

Jin An “Arnie” Wong and Dania McManus Wong have lost everything in a recent three alarm fire. These two lovely people were planning their retirement in Hawaii when the fire consumed everything they own: all their clothing, photos, surfboards, computers, vehicles and almost 40 years worth of exceptional art from Arnie’s career as an animator and […]

Hippo Funk!

Aaron Blaise posted his Hippo Pose/Model Sheet up on Facebook back in August 2015. Yesterday, he posted up his “Hippo Funk Dance” with the description: “I’ve finally finished my dancing Hippo animation. I’ll be using this animation for two upcoming tutorials, one on animating to music and it will also be part of my upcoming […]

PIXAR is Coming on October 27th!

Animation Profile: Kendra Williford

Our second “Animation Profile” features Kendra Williford. Williford recently graduated in Spring 2015 with the completion of her film, Leonid in Space. Within these few months, her short has been selected into 9 film festivals with awards and merits. Why an MFA degree in 2D/Traditional Animation & Stop Motion at AAU? I have loved 2 […]