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Doughnuts and a movie… for November 2016

Full Disney Short: L’étrange Aventure de la Famille Winter (The Strange Journey of the Winter Family)

From Enjoy the Full Disney Short: L’étrange Aventure de la Famille Winter. Emilie and Charles Winter are loving parents who are working hard for the happiness of their children and to provide them with essential values like learning to live together, sharing, mutual aid.

Don’t Forget: Fall Festival Submission Deadline is November 1st

Jorge Ruiz coming to AAU on November 1st

Please join us in welcoming back, Jorge Ruiz, animator on Disney’s new movie, Moana. Hear from Jorge about his journey, from Academy of Art into the industry working on these amazing films. Teatime Animation Club will be hosting this event. #Moana #JorgeRuiz #AAU #AcademyofArtAnimationandVisualEffects#Anm #VFX #TeatimeAnimationClub #Teatime

Journey through Creativity

From the folks at TVPaint, click here for the all the info. In 2016, TVPaint Animation celebrates its 25th anniversary ! For this special occasion, we decided to produce our first short movie, « Journey through Creativity », directed by the young artist Tevy Dubray. We now invite you inside the creation process of the movie. Come and […]

The Art of Composition: 140 Iconic Shots

Enjoy The Art of Composition in a selection of 140 Iconic Shots. Your frame is your canvas, and composition is the art of arranging objects in a frame. Discover how some technics used in a collection of iconic shots from legendary movies and have a better understanding of why items, characters are in the frame […]

Junior Giants Foodiecats – Health

It’s time to get out and play! The Foodiecats learn the healthy benefits of playing outside. Working closely with the San Francisco Giants, our team of students and alumni from the Animation and VFX department of Academy of Art University is proud to introduce the fun loving Foodiecats! An animated series of short films created […]

2D Animation & Storyboarding Tutoring with Felix Hallock

Doughnuts and a movie…for October 2016