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A repost from Will Finn’s blog. As of this month I have been working in the animation industry for 36 years. Currently I work from home, for various employers as a freelance independent contractor, mostly as a digital storyboard artist. It has its ups and downs but (HUMBLEBRAG ALERT) most of the time I’m busy […]

HEY YOU! Would you like to compete in a 24 hour animation competition?

It’s like a hackathon, but for ANIMATION! We need YOU to join/create a team and make some amazing friends, animation and memories! To join a team/ sign up and find a team, please click through to this spreadsheet! If you don’t know anybody, don’t worry! This is how you meet new friends ☺ The […]

Calling All Animators: GIPHY Film Fest Competition

GIPHY Film Fest: Powered by Squarespace Can you entertain the world in only 18 seconds or less? SUBMIT YOUR WORK FOR A CHANCE TO BE SCREENED AT THE FIRST GIPHY FILM FEST IN NEW YORK CITY THIS NOVEMBER AND FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN THE GRAND PRIZE OF $10,000 + MORE. DEADLINE: October 11, 2018 […]

Fall 2018 2D ANM ONSITE Workshops

ANM & VFX Town Hall Meeting (September 27, Thursday) 3-4pm

ARC Language LAB for ANM/VFX for Fall 2018