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Eric Goldberg’s Advice for Young Animators

This clip features Eric Goldberg (Walt Disney Animation Studios) giving his advice to young animators. This footage was filmed at the 2016 Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (TAAFI).

Fall 2015 Figure Study Workshops from ALL AAU departments!

Animation Workshops for Fall 2015

Learning In The Flesh: Why Disney Sends Its Animators To Life Drawing Classes

From Fast To Create: By Susan Karlin For 82 years, Disney’s in-studio life drawing classes have helped evolve its animated characters. But as increasing reliance on computers lures young animators away from classical drawing, three of Disney’s current master teachers are reminding them why figure drawing is still crucial. Since 1932, Disney has been the […]

The continuing foundational importance of DRAWING to Animation

“I want to do 3D /CGI animation, so do I really need to know how to DRAW ?” It’s hard to believe that in 2013 I still get this question from some aspiring animation students (and surprisingly from some CURRENT animation students … who should know better by now)  . The short answer is YES […]