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The 17th Annual Animation Show of Shows

For more information, click here. To read more about the Animation Show of Shows, check out this review from SydneysBuzz.

AAU Online grad Justin Murphy develops animated feature film , “Dawgtown”

One of my former students, Justin Murphy, continues to develop his independent animated feature film , “Dawgtown”.   The film began life as Justin’s MFA thesis project at AAU.    The film is 100% Storyboarded and an animatic has been prepared for the entire film.  Test animation has been made for certain key sequences.  The film is […]

Animation Profile: Tina Hsu

Our first “Animation Profile” features Tina Hsu. Last year, Hsu’s LADY and the frog was the 1st Place Winner for 2D Animation Short Film (Full Color) at the annual Spring Show 2014. Since the completion of her film, LADY and the frog has screened in 27 domestic and international film festivals. While Hsu currently works […]

Does hand-drawn (2D) animation need “saving” ? Read the whole article here: It’s Time To Admit That 2-D Animation Does Not Need ‘Saving’ . “Once Pixar proved that CGI was viable, its prevalence increased, and while it currently dominates, that doesn’t mean that 2-D is dying. The potential contenders for the Best Animated Feature Oscars contains two traditional films  (‘Song of […]

Studio AKA

From Studio AKA’s Vimeo page. STUDIO AKA is a multi-BAFTA winning & Oscar Nominated independent animation studio based in London. We’re known internationally for our idiosyncratic & innovative work, expressed across an eclectic range of projects. Our story involves a creatively diverse group of artists who often work in close collaboration with each other as […]

Animating for Fun

Where is this dog going? Perhaps they are running to check out Wayne Unten’s blog here! Unten describes his blog as “The goal of my new after-work hobby is to animate for fun and let creativity flow, flexing those muscles more, and doing it on a regular basis. It’s good exercise. This blog will document […]

AAU graduate Justin Murphy to produce independent animated feature film

Academy of Art graduate Justin Murphy is in the process of developing an independently produced animated feature film called “Dawgtown” . Justin originally developed “Dawgtown” as his MFA thesis project at AAU. The animation in Dawgtown will be traditional, hand drawn  animation, but will be produced digitally with  TVPaint Animation , with Background art in […]

When Jobs In The Animation Industry Disappear…

From Chris Oatley: “Here’s a new post I wrote to encourage the aspiring artists and industry vets whose worlds have been rocked by the recent tumult at Dreamworks, R&H and DD. Anyone who has worked in the animation industry knows that layoffs and studio closures are just standard occupational hazards. …but times are especially tough […]

Another hand-drawn animated film from France – “Le Jour des corneilles”

Here is another  hand-drawn feature film coming soon  “Le Jour des corneilles”   (I saw this posted on Paul Dutton’s  Facebook page ; Paul  worked on the film from his studio in Canada , Rough House Animation.  Paul was the Animation Director on “The Illustionist” and also animated on “The Triplets of Belleville”  among other […]

Inspiration: Master Animator Joanna Quinn

Master Animators at work. It’s always interesting and educational to see how an animator approaches animating their scenes. First up, the amazing Joanna Quinn . More Joanna Quinn on YouTube :