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A repost from Will Finn’s blog. As of this month I have been working in the animation industry for 36 years. Currently I work from home, for various employers as a freelance independent contractor, mostly as a digital storyboard artist. It has its ups and downs but (HUMBLEBRAG ALERT) most of the time I’m busy […]

Does hand-drawn (2D) animation need “saving” ? Read the whole article here: It’s Time To Admit That 2-D Animation Does Not Need ‘Saving’ . “Once Pixar proved that CGI was viable, its prevalence increased, and while it currently dominates, that doesn’t mean that 2-D is dying. The potential contenders for the Best Animated Feature Oscars contains two traditional films  (‘Song of […]

When Jobs In The Animation Industry Disappear…

From Chris Oatley: “Here’s a new post I wrote to encourage the aspiring artists and industry vets whose worlds have been rocked by the recent tumult at Dreamworks, R&H and DD. Anyone who has worked in the animation industry knows that layoffs and studio closures are just standard occupational hazards. …but times are especially tough […]

Shop talk: Traditional animation and Cintiq tablets

  An article in animator Steve Moore’s online animation magazine FLIP! has a survey of animator’s who are using Cintiq tablets for their professional and personal animation work. With so many “traditional” animators now animating paperlessly using Cintiqs and/or Intous tablets  I thought that this round up of professional opinions of how the workflow is […]

“The Cartoon Grows Up” – Mark Mayerson

  Excellent interviews found on Mark Mayerson’s blog “Mayerson on Animation”  regarding how animation in North America is continually pigeon-holed as a medium primarily for “children’s entertainment” . “TV Ontario recently ran two animated features, Perspepolis  and Mary & Max, on Saturday Night at the Movies on March 17.   As usual, between features, they ran […]

What’s missing in CG and hand drawn reels.?

Wise words…

Where are all the Traditional Hand Drawn Animated films ? (and why study traditional animation?)

When people make the claim: “There are no traditional animation jobs” or “2D is dead” you should realize that what they mostly mean is that the model of big-budget feature length 2D Animation that flourished for a time in the U.S. film industry from roughly 1985 – 1999 and then finally crashed and burned in […]