Fall Festival 2016 Guidelines


For the most updated instructions, check out https://vfxgateway.wordpress.com/fallfestival2016/

Hello, VFX/Animation students! Get ready for Fall Festival 2016!


All Fall Festival submissions will be accepted before Saturday November 1st, 11pm.

Absolutely no late revisions or late entries will be considered or accepted!

Your submissions MUST BE FINISHED WORK, by the given due date.  Incomplete submissions will be automatically disqualified. This is non-negotiable.


To be eligible for entry in the Fall Festival, you must submit a high-resolution clip of your finished work.

Videos will only be accepted within these parameters: 

FILE FORMAT: Quicktime (.mov) or MP4 (.mp4)


FRAME RATE: 24fps (not 23.957 or any other)

VIDEO RESOLUTION: 1080p resolution (1920×1080)

AUDIO SETTINGS:  Uncompressed or Linear PCM, 16bit, little endian row-order, at 44khz.

.mov or .mp4 file extensions on all submissions only! AVIs are not admissible!

If you need assistance with compressions, please see this Vimeo page:


Please name your file with the following convention:

“FF16_Name_StudentID.mov” or “FF16_Name_StudentID.mp4”

Video Lab hours are 9am – 6pm Monday through Friday.  If you cannot make it to the Video Lab during that time frame, feel free to email us at: videolab313@gmail.com

Submit the files on the “netapp” server > in the “Videodropoff” folder > in the folder named “Fall Festival” > in the folder named “2016”.

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