HEY YOU! Would you like to compete in a 24 hour animation competition?

It’s like a hackathon, but for ANIMATION!

We need YOU to join/create a team and make some amazing friends, animation and memories!

To join a team/ sign up and find a team, please click through to this spreadsheet!
If you don’t know anybody, don’t worry! This is how you meet new friends ☺

The details!
WHEN: October 5th-6th from 3pm-3pm
WHERE: 180 New Montgomery B75/B79
GOAL: Create a 30 second short in 24 hours from start to finish! The theme is announced at the start of the competition
TEAMS: 5 people (no more, no less)
PRIZES: Fame! Glory! And usually a lot of other awesome stuff like software licenses, scholarship $$, and mentorships. TBD!

You can work in 2D, stopmo, CG, etc! As long as it’s animated! So if you’re a stopmo or CG student, you should still sign up and find a team of your like-minded animators

For more information on the contest, please see the contest’s official FB page here

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