The City of Hayward is looking for an animation intern!

A message from the City of Hayward:

The City of Hayward is looking for an animation and web design intern to help to create a dynamic and unique web-based presentation for our mural art program. The vision is to have this animated narrator person(s)—possibly a male/female that looks like an artist/painter—and their sidekick—possibly a paint brush—tell the story of Hayward’s Mural Art Program that will be displayed on the City’s website.

Currently, we are envisioning something like a youtube video or Flash-like presentation—visible by iOS devices—about 2.5 minutes long. The presentation or video would center around a somewhat detailed animation of a person, possibly two persons, that would introduce and narrate approximately 10 mural art photos from sites around the City.

After a short intro to the mural art program, the narration will briefly discuss a photo and each mural’s history, artists, themes, etc. At the end of the video, the two would exit the presentation, discussing or highlighting downtown events they will be attending that evening. The images and script will be provided by the City. However other details, such as potential animation issues, voice over, and other design issues still need to be addressed.

The City may be able to offer a stipend for this project and it currently is considering this an internship opportunity for students in both animation and web design.

Please contact Stacey Bristow if you have any questions.

Stacey Bristow
Neighborhood Partnership Manager/238 Project Manager
City of Hayward

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